Wikia W13 - Zach Adanto

Zach Adanto in action

Zach Adanto is a former colleague of Myka's and, in 2011, Director of Investigations for the Denver Office of the Secret Service. Zach comes back into Myka's life when she spots Leo whilst on a Warehouse mission in Denver; Myka's feels that catching Sam's killer will give her necessary closure, and enlists the help of the local office, who happen to be her former colleagues before she got the promotion to D.C. Zach soon becomes Myka and Pete's prime suspect for the accomplice who, they discover, set Sam up to die at Leo's hand. In the end, however, it's Zach who saves the Warehouse agents, when his time-frozen bullet thaws just as Jim, the real traitor, is in its path. Zach and Myka part on better terms than previously, and Pete demonstrates once more that he is the best partner she's ever had. Past Imperfect

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