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World War II Tessen Fan
World War 2 Tessen Fan
Vital statistics
Type Japanese Tessen Fan
Effects Can cut through anything; Once started the fan is almost impossible to stop.
Source Kamikaze Pilot (World War 2)
Danger High
Activation Throwing


Contains the fearsome spirit of the kamikaze pilot who last held it. Apparently used when the pilot went down and kamikaze'd a target, imbuing it with it's unyielding nature.


When the fan is thrown, it'll cut through almost anything that gets in its way, the downside being that it is nearly impossible to deactivate once it gets going.  


This artifact was stored in Warehouse 13 and was recently used by Paracelsus in an attempt to kill Claudia, which she narrowly avoided, and following it halved an entire aisle.


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