This man-made structure was once owned by English explorer Sir William Edward Parry. His 1819 voyage through the Parry Channel was probably the most successful in the long quest for the Northwest Passage. On this expedition, Parry attempted to reach the Lancaster Sound without going around Baffin Bay. However, his ship was blocked by ice and Parry and his crew were forced to spend the next ten months anchored in a place Parry called Winter Harbor where temperatures dropped to -54°F. In 1827 he attempted one of the earliest expeditions to the North Pole.


When exposed to air, the Inukshuk flash freezes the area it is kept in, covering itself in a thick layer of ice. Living organisms trapped in the flash freeze are cryogenically frozen and can survive for up to an hour before they die of hypothermia.

The time it takes a person to freeze to death can be slowed with Albert Butz's Glasses.


The alternate Benedict Valda left the Inukshuk in the Regent Vault as a trap for Artie and the others after he stole the Setting Maul in order to slow them down long enough for him to steal the rest of Hiram Abiff's Tools. Artie became frozen and the Inukshuk couldn't be neutralized as it was encased in ice as well. Steve got Brigadier General Laverlong's Elephant Walking Stick from the Warehouse and used that to shatter the ice on the Inukshuk so it could be neutralized.

Inukshuk artie frozen

Artie frozen by Inukshuk