The following information is from the Warehouse 13 comic book series.
It may not be part of the same canon or continuity as the series.

The main artifact featured in Issue No. #4 of the Warehouse 13 comic book series.


Willem Janszoon, often shortened to Willem Jansz, was a Dutch navigator and colonial governor credited with being the first recorded European to have seen the Australian coast and made landfall on the Austrlian continent as of his expedition of 1605-06. While in Australia, he found the land swampy and the inhabitants inhospitable (ten of his men havng been killed in various shore expeditions) at Cape Keerweer, and decided to return and later arrived at Bantam in June 1606.

As the boomerang is a weapon native to Australia, it is uncertain how this boomerang came to be in the possession of Jansz, although it could be speculated to have either been given to him by a native Aboriginal, found during an expedition, or used against one of the men on hs crew.


When thrown, the boomerang is capable of slicng through anything in its path from people to entire tree trunks without resistance or slowing down. It is also able to return to its thrower regardless of distance, elevation, or obstacle.


Used against Filip Volpe against Pete and Myka in Viola Adair's survival game, it managed to wound Pete and cut down several trees in the process, until it was later used by Myka to decapitate Volpe. Later it would be used to cut off Aphrodite's Girdle from Rachel Mahoney and cut Geoffrey Mahoney down from a tree after he used Laurence Shirley's Noose on Myka.

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