Main TeamEdit

Pete Lattimer and Myka BeringEdit

Other Recent TeamsEdit

Myka Bering and Claudia DonovanEdit

Vanessa Calder and Hugo MillerEdit

  • Team was formed some decades ago when both were active agents.
  • This team was re-formed in Love Sick and was tasked with developing the anti-virus used to counteract the sentinent computer virus.

Claudia Donovan and Steve JinksEdit

  • After Myka's return Steve, was partnered with Claudia, beginning in Trials.

Pete Lattimer and Steve JinksEdit

  • Sent out in The New Guy.
  • Team formed because of Agent Bering's resignation.

Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering, and H.G. WellsEdit

  • Team formed unofficially in Vendetta to rescue Artie.
  • Team formed officially in Buried to shut-down Warehouse 2.
  • Team dissolved after Wells abandoned Pete and Myka in Warehouse 2, and her subsequent reincarceration
  • Team temporarily reformed in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 to recover Joshua's Horn.

Pete Lattimer, Steve Jinks, and Myka BeringEdit

  • Team formed in The New Guy to find Shakespeare's Lost Folio.
  • Team dissolved after Myka's return to duty.

Artie Nielsen and Claudia DonovanEdit

  • Sent out in Merge with Caution when the main team was on another case.
  • Sent out in Love Sick; Dr. Calder requested Artie's assistance to stop an artifact "outbreak."
  • Together in Runaway when Artie is struck deaf and Claudia has to help him.
  • Sent out in What Matters Most when the main team was on another case and Steve decided to remain at the Warehouse.

Artie Nielsen and Steve JinksEdit

Pete Latimer, Myka Bering and Claudia DonovanEdit

Historical TeamsEdit

Warehouse 12Edit

H.G. Wells and William WolcottEdit

  • Investigated the murder of James Eddington and attempted to recover Joshua's Horn.

Warehouse 13Edit

Jack Secord and Rebecca St. ClairEdit

  • Investigated the case involving Cinderella's Knife in 1961.
  • Continued the investigation into the case involving Joshua's Horn in 1962.
  • Investigated the case involving the Spine of the Saracen in 1962.
  • Team dissolved when Jack disappeared in Saint Louis.

James MacPherson and Artie NielsenEdit

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