When the Regents asked Nikola Tesla, M.C. Escher, and Thomas Edison to create the first Warehouse 13, they asked for proof of concept. The trio made the diorama. By January of 1893, the three geniuses had constructed a conceptual model and presented it to the Regents for approval; it seemed to spark and glitch during the presentation, but was ultimately accepted, and construction of the Warehouse commenced. Unfortunately, their inability to work together resulted in the destruction of the Warehouse they had designed and their diorama to become an artifact.

Causes the entire Warehouse and everyone inside to turn into a diorama version of the original Warehouse 13. The first Warehouse 13 burned down many years ago, but the model is a representation of what the first Warehouse 13 looked like ("but more 3D," according to Artie). Accidentally triggered by Pete.

It is not dangerous by itself, but it activates the three power sources that powered the first Warehouse 13 (hydroelectricity, wind power, and seismic force) and cuts off the computer system and the Lehmann Fornax.

The three powers were based on three unstable sources(The Neutralizer Processing Center, Miguel de Cervantes' Windmill and The Pyramid) and had to be shut down. Cutting access to the Fornax caused a series of fires to break out through the Warehouse.

It should be noted that the key has to be kept on top of the diorama, if placed in the keyhole on the diorama the key will start turning automatically and the diorama will activate.


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