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A tie-in comic book mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment ; the first issue being released in 2011 while the complete compilation of Volume One was released in 2012.


Writers and Artists Edit

Characters Edit

The mini-series features the TV series' main characters in the starring role,

Plot Edit

'Issue #1'Edit

'Issue #2'Edit

'Issue #3'Edit

'Issue #4'Edit

'Issue #5'Edit

Artifacts and Gadgets FeaturedEdit

'Issue #1'

  • Qin Shi Huang's Mallet:
  • Bottomless Cookie Jar: Supplies an infinite amount of cookies.
  • Confucius' Flip-Flops: Mentioned but not seen. Currently at large.
  • Attila the Hun's Swaddling Blanket: Mentioned but not seen. Currently at large.
  • General Tso's Chicken Bones: Mentioned but not seen. Currently at large.

'Issue #2'

  • Edward "Ned" Lowe's Prayer Censer:
  • The Marie Celeste: Mentioned to be in the Warehouse. Effects unknown; said to have disappearing properties.
  • Brothers Grimm Expedition Journal: Stored in the archives.

'Issue #3'

  • Hannibal Barca of Carthage's Whip: Imbued with the enduring willpower of the great general, the whip is able to summon a wave of razor-sharp energy that is able to cut through almost anything. One of the artifacts from the lost cache of Warehouse 12. Sold to Kaiko Ikahi by Viola Adair. It is the main artifact of Issue #3.
  • Ice Mine:
  • Roman Coins:
  • Claudia Donovan's Magnetic Boots:
  • Harry Winston's Loop:

'Issue #4'

  • P.T. Barnum's Top Hat:
  • Peter Heinlen's Nuremberg Egg:
  • Willem Jansz's Boomerang:

'Issue #5'

  • Aphrodite's Girdle:
  • Laurence Shirley's Noose:
  • William Tell's Rabbit Foot:
  • Spartacus' Retarius:
  • Nero's Lyre:

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