This neutralizes the effects of the Riverton Maximum Security Prison but only when placed in the Warden's office.

Background InfoEdit

For decades Riverton was known as "the Snake Pit", because dozens of inmates went insane after being sent to it. In 1979, during Hurricane David, there were a series of uncontrollable riots that almost led to the destruction of the entire prison. After that, the prison was shut down for six months. A year later the prison was reopened under Warden Mathews and it remained calm for 30 years. However, after he died and Warden Huggins took his place, the prison began to act up again. This artifact was discovered in the wake of four prisoners committing suicide in a single month shortly after Warden Huggins took over. These hallucinogenic effects were cancelled out, however, by the placement of a large quartz cross on the wall of the warden's office. The frequencies that the cross gave off canceled out the frequencies the prison gave off, but only when the cross was in the Warden's office. While the cross remained in place, the occupants of the Prison were free of hallucinations. When Corinne Huggins took over as warden, she had the cross removed because she placed less reliance on theology, and the hallucinations returned. Eventually, Warehouse agents Myka Bering and Peter Lattimer discovered the correlation and returned the cross, nullifying the Prison's hallucinogenic effects once more.

This artifact is rare in that it cannot be returned to the Warehouse; it's still in Florida and, as long as the cross isn't removed, it's perfectly safe.

​Real World ConnectionEdit

Warden Matthew and his cross may be based on or inspired by Burl Cain, a previous warden of Louisiana State Penitentiary (the largest maximum security prison in the United States). During his tenure he encouraged a Christian atmosphere to the prison to create a culture of morality, allowed documentaries to be filmed inside the prison to let the public see inside the lives of the inmates to better understand them, and established positive incentives, all of which kept violence in the prison markedly low with a population of over 5,000.

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