• TubaTiger

    Artie's Phone Call

    August 15, 2012 by TubaTiger

    As we all know, Artie has unleashed an evil in the world, he's fearing for his life, he's scared of a the dagger, and he called someone recently. We are left with the question, "Who did he call?!"

    This idea has been nagging me since the episode, and the question that inspired me has been since the season premiere. First, the question. Where is H.G.? What is she doing? Why would the let her walk away? It is Warehouse thirteen, not a place you can just leave. About a day after Artie made his call I thought, "who else hunts for artifacts and Artie trusts..." plot twist! H.G. brings in the dagger, Myka sees her, attention drawn, Claudia walks in. Opinions or theories? Who else could he have called?

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