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  • ToaCodyNuva

    Artifact Roadshow!!

    August 23, 2011 by ToaCodyNuva

    W13opa fan and I have decided to continue our our Artifact-idea blogs under this one post. Our previous blogs are What Artifacts Would You Like To See On The Show? and Bag your own Artifacts! respectively. For artifact posts, the minimum required information is the name of the thought-up artifact and a description of it's effect(s). Ideas for artifacts seen/mentioned but never elaborated on may also be posted here.

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  • ToaCodyNuva

    This is a page where anyone can post their ideas for original Artifacts and/or comment on them. For artifact posts, please post them in three parts: Name, Description, Background. Follow my first post if you aren't sure how to do it. Also, you may post ideas for Artifacts that have been mentioned/seen in the show or other sources but whose effect(s) have never been elaborated.

    Update: Only comments about Artifact ideas previously posted on this blog should be posted here. All new Artifact posts should be posted under Artifact Roadshow!!

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