• Scalec

    Agent Artifact Challenge

    January 25, 2013 by Scalec

    You would think in a Warehouse full of endless wonder, there would be a better job to do besides paperwork. Snagging was an adventure, research was fun, inventory was fascinating, but paperwork? It was so...mundane. So...boring. So...OfficeSpace.

    You yawned as you sifted through the yellowed artifact report sheets. Claudia was still in the process of updating the Warehouse's data base so that it would be entirely electronic (a process that Artie was dragging his heels about), so while she and Steve and Myka and Pete and even Artie and Helena were off grabbing their own AOWs, you were stuck in the office trying to transcribe into the computer the chicken scratch that various agents ranging from those in the forties to even a few from Warehou…

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  • Scalec

    Warehouse Disney

    January 5, 2013 by Scalec

    OK, guys, get this...

    During my recent visit to the Walt Disney Studios, I broke away from my SEVENTY-EIGHT dollar tour to go explore the deep recesses of the lot, determined to find the famed frozen head of the great Mr. Walt Disney and take a few neat photos for my blog.

    Well, anyways, as I roamed through the underground hallways, I was unsuccessful in finding the cryogenic room. HOWEVER! I did find something I never expected to find. Down a lone, flickering corridor, a single vault door with a spray painted '13' stood. Carefully stepping down the hall, I looked around to see if anyone was around - there wasn't a soul besides my own. Taking a breath, I spun the lock handle, pulled open the heavy door, and let the brilliant golden light flo…

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  • Scalec

    Velcome, to Varehouse 13! Ve Vant to Snag, Bag, and Tag, Mwa, ah, ah!

    Warehouse 13 and Halloween, doesn't it just make you want to shriek in excitement?

    This year we've been getting a lot of Halloween artifacts, so why not list some of them, one per day, as we all turn our heads (some of us three hundred-and-sixty degrees) towards the celebration of All Hallow's Eve? Watch as the Warehouse gets thirty-one boo artifacts within its ranks - some that are tricks, some that are treats, and some that are both!

    Dust the cobwebs off your brooms, ladies and gentlemen, and then place said cobwebs in your ingredient cupboard. Carve your Jack-o'-Lanterns. Rattle your chains. Wake up your Mummy. The Samhain Sector has a lot of things that go bump in the nig…

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