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    Well, based on the trailer and the sneak peek of Lost & Found, the season finale arc is going to start, with Charlotte gaining access to the Warehouse through Nick and through the agents. Also, Season 5 will only have six episodes, although what they can have in six episodes, I'm not sure. Maybe it will just be a look at each of the characters and what happens to them after the series ends?

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  • Saiarcot895

    Here's a conundrum for me.

    In Stand, the cannon that Marcus Diamond used was referred to "Black Barty's Cannon," and my Physics and Chemistry teachers have also called it "Black Barty's Cannon". However, there seems to be more references to "Black Bart" than "Black Barty," which is why I renamed the cannon page to Black Bart's Cannon.

    Question: Should we use "Black Bart's Cannon" or "Black Barty's Cannon?"

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  • Saiarcot895

    Claudia isn't the evil

    September 19, 2012 by Saiarcot895

    I should have called it before . I had a vibe that Brother Adrian was the evil and not Claudia since he was shaping up to be the evil and put others at risk. It didn't seem likely that Claudia would be the evil since things were going her way (for the most part). Brother Adrian, on the other hand, was overly obsessed with his job (perhaps rightly so in some ways) and decided to release some of the artifacts in the Warehouse to get Artie to reuse the Astrolabe. Considering there haven't been any new characters in the season so far, he seemed the more likely candidate.

    Saiarcot895 (talk) (Contribs) 02:20, September 19, 2012 (UTC)

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