In "Don't Hate The Player", the most recent episode of Warehouse 13, nerds far and wide were treated with what only can be called the ultimate nerdgasm. If you're not exactly sure how to further boost nerd levels in a science-fiction show about supernatural artifacts, try trapping all of the characters in a video game world catalyzed by Beatrix Potter's tea set, then throw in a couple Star Trek and Lord of the Rings allusions. Also, engage in a crossover with another Syfy Channel program (Eureka), just so you can use their nerdiest looking character. It was the second time in Warehouse 13's history that said crossover brought in Douglas Fargo (the other being 13.1), whose video game antics provided a great forum for the writers to deliver the goods for which our inner-nerds are always longing.

Most fans were suspicious of the "trapped in a video game" theme, seeing as it's been used a million times, but Warehouse 13 actually pulled it off quite spectacularly. io9 has a fantastic clip and analysis of the episode's core nerdgasm moment, as well as a recap of the entire episode (episode article update, anyone?). In the recap, Charlie Jane Anders really sheds light, perhaps unintentionally, on how experimental the show is willing to be. I think we should be very grateful for this. Some episodes may hit, and some will surely miss, but it's comforting to know that the producers have no shame in trying anything, especially the nerdy things, in order to please us.

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