User:Slhj once asked if the Convention Aisle can be added to by others. The aisle is indeed open to other contributors.

So, any ideas on what else we can shove into here? Remember, a convention Aisle artifact is created through fan-based belief.

NOTE: things like hats and clothes are originally cosplay parts. They don't rely on the canon outside of the information that gives them their attributes.


The artifaacts here are sometimes seperated by general fandom

Adventure Time

  • Finn's Hat - Increases all heroic attributes, but slightly decreases intelligence and makes the user attracted to people older than them. Also causes hair to become gold colored and extremely long.
  • Jake's Viola - Lets user manipulate their body's shape, size, and length and increases their viola playing talent, while also attracting worms. Also causes user to become phobic of bats and the user of Marceline's guitar.
  • Marceline's Guitar - Gives user Marceline's vampiric abilities and appearance: grey skin, sharp fangs, pointy ears, floating/flying, invisibilty, immortality (or in Marceline's case, extremely slow aging), perfect memory (like rememboring Ice King as Simon) and the ability to change into a bat and bat monster, while also increasing vocal and guitar playing talent. However, it causes loner-like attributes to form or increase in user, while also giving sensitivity to direct sunlight to the point of smoking/burning.
  • Ice King's fanfiction pencil: genderflips all AT artifacts it is nearby to. Also flips holder's perception of gender, including their own (aka they percieve all males as femal and vice-versa).


  • Codex's Staff-can heal people mentally and physically while making the user shy and non-confrontational
  • Vork's Broadsword-increases the user's stregnth and stamina while making the user thrifty and reduces the user's social abilities
  • Tink's Bow-increases the user's aim and can fire high-velocity arrows, but the user becomes stand off-ish and can manipulate men
  • Bladezz's Sickles-makes the user stealthy and can create smoke screens, but over time the user becomes sleazy and a slacker
  • Clara's Wand-can generate ice-based magic and increases the user's breast size, but the user  becomes easily distracted and becomes ignorant to major problems
  • Zaboo's Stave-increases the user's ability with technology, but makes the user attracted to the user of Codex's Staff to the point of stalking.

Web Animation

  • Bird and Fish's hats
  • Sock's hat from Welcome to Hell.

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