...AKA the Annoyance.

My message to the Admins: Spkavyia2012 has harassed myself and several other Admins on the Warehouse 13 wiki multiple times. We've tried blocking him, but he continues to harass other users on the Warehouse 13 Artifact Database wiki. He has followed me all over wikia, tried to make me go to his wikia and goes bananas when I said no. We've tried to be nice, but he simply starts throwing tantrums when we disagree with Mr. 2012.

I'd like to have him removed from Wikia for multiple accounts of harassment. Since I can't really upload a screenshot, here is the latest conversation between myself, Spkavyja2012, and several other users/Admins he has severely irritated.

signed, Per Ankh

Their message back: Hi Per Ankh,

Thanks for contacting Wikia. I have asked Spkavyia2012 to walk away from this situation and no longer engage in conversation or argument with you. If this continues after that, please let me know and we will consider if additional action is needed. Thanks.

Best regards,

Brandon Rhea Wikia Community Support

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