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    Convention Aisle

    January 29, 2013 by Per Ankh

    User:Slhj once asked if the Convention Aisle can be added to by others. The aisle is indeed open to other contributors.

    So, any ideas on what else we can shove into here? Remember, a convention Aisle artifact is created through fan-based belief.

    NOTE: things like hats and clothes are originally cosplay parts. They don't rely on the canon outside of the information that gives them their attributes.

    The artifaacts here are sometimes seperated by general fandom

    • Finn's Hat - Increases all heroic attributes, but slightly decreases intelligence and makes the user attracted to people older than them. Also causes hair to become gold colored and extremely long.
    • Jake's Viola - Lets user manipulate their body's shape, size, and length and increases their …

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  • Per Ankh

    Concerning Spkavyia2012

    January 25, 2013 by Per Ankh

    ...AKA the Annoyance.

    My message to the Admins: Spkavyia2012 has harassed myself and several other Admins on the Warehouse 13 wiki multiple times. We've tried blocking him, but he continues to harass other users on the Warehouse 13 Artifact Database wiki. He has followed me all over wikia, tried to make me go to his wikia and goes bananas when I said no. We've tried to be nice, but he simply starts throwing tantrums when we disagree with Mr. 2012.

    I'd like to have him removed from Wikia for multiple accounts of harassment. Since I can't really upload a screenshot, here is the latest conversation between myself, Spkavyja2012, and several other users/Admins he has severely irritated.…

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