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  • Nerdfighter88mph


    May 19, 2014 by Nerdfighter88mph

    I'm having a one-man-Warehouse-ending party. Is anyone else?

    , and Twizzlers]]

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  • Nerdfighter88mph

    Look familiar?

    April 5, 2014 by Nerdfighter88mph

    Just got these on eBay.

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  • Nerdfighter88mph

    In many episodes, there are what I call "Background Artifacts" which are artifacts seen on the display screens, usually in the background. The following is a list of scenes with background artifacts in recent episodes which I hope we can decifer. Please add more background artifacts in the episodes with the name of the episode and where the artifact is seen.

    The Sky's the Limit

    1. In the lei scene, there is a screen next to Myka that has some type of L word and then "lamp" 2.In the acene where Monty is shown the magic section, there are some large screens that show a magician's poster and the name of an artifact.

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