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Late at night on Interstate 80 outside Evanston, Wyoming, the driver of a U-haul truck listens to the radio as he travels down the highway. However, his hard rock music is interrupted by the sound of an acoustic guitar. Puzzled, he turns off his radio, and he is right; there seems to be an acoustic guitar playing from the back of the truck. Distracted, the truck veers left and clips the guardrail, sending it rebounding and crashing into the opposite ditch.

When police arrive, the driver is alive, but appears to have suffered a psychotic breakdown and is raving about 'blisters'. Two officers then begin to hear the sound of an acoustic guitar coming from the back of the truck, and they go off to investigate. Once inside, the sound stops, and they find an acoustic guitar amongst the carnage of boxes. Suddenly, both cops collapse to the ground, ranting about 'the top of the slide' and that 'she's coming down fast'.

7 people are hospitalized. The immediate area is quarantized and the highway is closed due to a 'car accident' Due to this 'mental epidemic', Steve and Claudia are called in from the Warehouse by NSA agent Darrell Williams, with whom Steve is familiar from training in the ATF. After being briefed by local police, they carefully approach the wrecked truck. They find the guitar, and before Steve can neutralize it, Claudia, seemingly in a trance, picks it up and begins to play.


Pete is on desk duty at the warehouse; Artie is no where to be seen. Naturally bored, he starts miniature basketball; throwing crumpled up balls of paper into the trash. As he is basking in his victory, Myka walks in, inquiring where Artie is; Pete gives the same answer.

Puzzled, Myka calls Artie's phone; no answer. She then calls Ms. Frederic; she says that she hasn't seen Artie since yesterday. Myka begins to become worried, because this isn't typical Artie; she becomes more worried when she sees Artie's glasses on the table. Oddly, she has a sudden urge to pick them up and put them on. She does, and she begins to recite the Talmud much like Artie would. Pete takes the glasses off, and Myka returns to normal. Dazed, she asks where she is.

Back in Evanston, Claudia is unable to stop playing the guitar, seemingly in a trance. Steve calls her name, and she snaps out of it. Together, Steve and Claudia bag the guitar and place it in the back of the truck; Darrell bids them farewell. On the drive back to Univille, Claudia begins to hear guitar playing from the back.


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