aka The Seafood of the End Times

  • I live in In your head, in your TV, far below.
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is Alligator wrestler, perfume salesman and Lovecraftian monster.
  • I am Male, n/a, crustacean
  • IdealisticPrawn

    Late at night on Interstate 80 outside Evanston, Wyoming, the driver of a U-haul truck listens to the radio as he travels down the highway. However, his hard rock music is interrupted by the sound of an acoustic guitar. Puzzled, he turns off his radio, and he is right; there seems to be an acoustic guitar playing from the back of the truck. Distracted, the truck veers left and clips the guardrail, sending it rebounding and crashing into the opposite ditch.

    When police arrive, the driver is alive, but appears to have suffered a psychotic breakdown and is raving about 'blisters'. Two officers then begin to hear the sound of an acoustic guitar coming from the back of the truck, and they go off to investigate. Once inside, the sound stops, and …

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  • IdealisticPrawn

    Hey, guys. I have some creative ideas for artifacts in later episodes. You can fill in the blanks, reply, or suggest your own too. Enjoy!

    1. Charles Manson's guitar - Upon playing, the user suffers homicidal tendencies and paranoid delusions, along with the ability to hypnotise others into fulfilling his tendencies through playing. Effects can be avoided through earplugs.
    2. A fake skeleton prop from the movie Poltergeist - The cursed prop brings bad luck to whomever's possession it's in. Also, the prop can possess other artifacts around it, thus requiring solitary storage.
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