2013 has come and gone, and artifacts are being discovered willy-nilly. Try to help the agents get their purple hands on them. HINT: For all of you Rick Riordan fans, find the references I've put in Claudia and Pete's situations. Think hard, it's tough.

Claudia: I'm here in Central Park, New York. There are reports of loud, ringing noises, followed by localized tidal waves. So far, no casualties, but several buildings in the meatpacking district nearby have been demolished. The only things left after each wave was the smell of rotting fish, (although that's just the salt-water drenched cows), and flakes of rusty metal at the point of the waves' origin.

Pete: Secaucus, New Jersey. Flames are sprouting up from the ground around here, right out of the manholes. No burn residue or anything, or burn marks, and the only casualty was a hot ferarri *sob*. Anyway, during every blast, some people report being lifted off the ground, like anti-gravity or something. Each time they get higher; one person said they flew 5 feet!

Myka: I'm somewhere in the middle of Topeka, Kansas. There was just some kind of earthquake, only the ground split open, and up popped vines that have entrapped and dragged at least 4 people into the fissures, which immediately closed shut. So far, the only pattern is that the fissures are localized to farms, specifically the silos, and they happen at least 30 minutes ofter some kind of robbery.

Artie: I'm stuck in the Warehouse. There's a group of new artifacts in, but nobody's gotten around to cataloging then yet! Pillars of light are flashing in random locations, localized around the Explosives Sector. I'm pretty sure that it isn't any of those artifacts, but I am sure that it is only one artifacts at work. Just a little tidbit, before every pillar, there's a strange feeling that the air pressure is dropping - rapidly. I'm still trying to fix my ears.

Steve: Miami, Florida, guys. I'm at a local bar (Stop smirking Claud). People are being put into catatonic states, but are somewhat conscious. They're murmuring something about an avalanche of snow, and they're getting frostbite, too. I think it has something to do with a natural disaster or an expedition. I'll keep looking.

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