I give credit to Scalec, who came up with the great idea to stay true to the show and describe effects to make artifacts for. I have my own list of effects that I hope will be explained. Like Scalec I will also assign an agent per effect. Any questions about the events or effects will be answered as soon and fully as possible.

Myka: An artifact in the Florida Everglades is causing water to fill with oil, even though witnesses claim nothing at all, vehicle or people, to be seen when the water became contaminated. The oil's spreading pattern is erratic, consistent with an oil tankard spill. There's not even a source to trace where the oil comes from.

Metal Pipe from Exxon Valdez

Pete: Woohoo! *cough* I-I mean, well... There's an artifact in a strip joint in Georgia. Its somehow making all of the strippers forget any inhibitions that they had and causing them to go crazy - even for a strip club. So far, the only dangerous part is that they seem weak and pale-ish after each show, as if they're suffering blood-loss or vein constrictment.

Elizabeth Needham's Corset - Redirects all energy to 'pleasurable services'.

Vampire Artifact

Claudia: I'm in Hollywood, California. There's been a streak of people getting stuck in cement, as if it was wet then dries instantly when someone walks onto it. What's even stranger is that it is only happening around the same location: A shoe store, of all places.

Mafia's Concrete Shoes

Norma Talmadge's Shoes

Cement from Grauman's Chinese/Egyptian Theatres

La Brea Tar Pits Tar

Steve: People in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are reporting deafening ringing at random times, almost like church bells. Even more dangerous is that at the same time, the areas where the ringing is heard are being struck by earthquakes and severe cracking in the ground.

Bell from Carmo Convent - Survived 1755 Lisbon earthquake. When rung, it recreates the earthquake's destructiveness.

Bell from Christchurch Cathedral

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Ruby

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