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  • Garr9988

    WH13 Board Game GoFundMe

    September 27, 2017 by Garr9988

    For anyone not in the know, the Warehouse 13 Board Game Kickstarter has several Tiers people can pay to support the game while also getting certain prizes. One such Tier is the Caretaker Tier. Those who pay $1300 will be able to contribute one original artifact, which will be included in all copies of the game, as well as a copy of the game when it's released.

    I was stupid in not trying to advertise my own GoFundMe here, which was made to help afford the Caretaker Tier since I don't have that much money on my own. If the goal is reached, everyone who paid and I could brainstorm or vote on an original artifact to add to the game. I know not many people will be active here, but would anyone be interested? Any amount helps.


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  • Garr9988

    New Year, New Challenge

    January 26, 2014 by Garr9988

    2013 has come and gone, and artifacts are being discovered willy-nilly. Try to help the agents get their purple hands on them. HINT: For all of you Rick Riordan fans, find the references I've put in Claudia and Pete's situations. Think hard, it's tough.

    Claudia: I'm here in Central Park, New York. There are reports of loud, ringing noises, followed by localized tidal waves. So far, no casualties, but several buildings in the meatpacking district nearby have been demolished. The only things left after each wave was the smell of rotting fish, (although that's just the salt-water drenched cows), and flakes of rusty metal at the point of the waves' origin.

    Pete: Secaucus, New Jersey. Flames are sprouting up from the ground around here, right out o…

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  • Garr9988

    I give credit to Scalec, who came up with the great idea to stay true to the show and describe effects to make artifacts for. I have my own list of effects that I hope will be explained. Like Scalec I will also assign an agent per effect. Any questions about the events or effects will be answered as soon and fully as possible.

    Myka: An artifact in the Florida Everglades is causing water to fill with oil, even though witnesses claim nothing at all, vehicle or people, to be seen when the water became contaminated. The oil's spreading pattern is erratic, consistent with an oil tankard spill. There's not even a source to trace where the oil comes from.

    Metal Pipe from Exxon Valdez

    Pete: Woohoo! *cough* I-I mean, well... There's an artifact in a strip…

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  • Garr9988

    (I know that it is way too late/early for Christmas artifacts, but I just couldn't wait until the 25th. I was inspired by Scalec's "31 Days of Halloween" artifacts, so I wanted to do the same for another holiday. I won't list the items unless you say I should, and you'll create the artifacts. After all 25 are suggested, I will post them on this page, and then make a page for each of them on the artifact database wiki. Have fun, and Ho-Ho-Ho!)

    Day 1 - Eggnog from the Eggnog Riots

    Never runs out. Causes anyone who drinks it to rebel against authority and authoritative figures in a drunken stupour. The only way to reverse the effect is to drink a mixture of whiskey and neutralizer. (The whiskey dilutes the neutralizer enough to not make one see t…

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  • Garr9988

    First Artifact Contest!

    December 9, 2012 by Garr9988

    HI! I was inspired by "Affectos" to create an artifact "contest", where I write a list of items for you, the wonderful people in Internetland to make into artifacts! P.S. to "Affecttos", I hope you don't mind.

    • A handheld microphone
    • A cigar box
    • A metal cup (also known as a tankard)
    • A pewter plate
    • A pair of glasses
    • Red curtains
    • An Olympics discus
    • A fedora
    • An umbrella
    • A small candle

    I know you'll give some good artifacts! Thanks in advance! I might update with the winning artifacts an their creators in it, also like "Affectos".

    I loved everyones' artifacts, and I couldn't exclude any of them, so here they are!

    Handheld Microphone #1:

    Neil Patrick Harris' Microphone - Created from Harris' many roles as a fictional character with the ability of musical "mind…

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