• EthanCrisciAgent23

    Artifact: World War 2 medic uniform

    Danger level: none

    effects: Courage, medical knowledge

    downside: none


    Eugene Hall , 85, a Sun City resident, served in the Army's 110th Infantry Regiment. He recalls Sept. 14, 1944, the day he was wounded by enemy fire after passing through an array of concrete obstacles called "dragons' teeth" in western Germany.

    "While I was laying there, some GI, I don't know if he was a medic or what, he came running out. He came up by me and asked if I was hit. ... He grabbed me and picked me up, put me over his shoulder and started back toward these dragons' teeth. I remember, at first, trying to pull him down. I said, 'Get down!' but he didn't pay any attention to me. ... I was just waiting for a bullet to hit us…

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  • EthanCrisciAgent23

    Herro :3

    May 2, 2013 by EthanCrisciAgent23

    Uh, I dont really know what to write but watevs ^.^

    names Ethan, but you probably knew that already... LOVE warehouse 13 love coming up with artifact ideas secret crush on Claudia... (shhhh its a secret!) I like drawing, not very good though... I HATE people who act like they know something -_- Love boxing

    Thats me ( 0.o) < What a wierdo... )

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