• I live in 'MURICA
  • My occupation is Founder and CEO of Ice-T Puppy Inc.
  • I am the Cheery Faced Puppy
  • Cfp3157

    Hey. I'm the "new guy" Cfp3157. I'm here to ask you one question: What do you think could make an interesting episaode for Warehouse 13? Maybe they'll see us and use it on an episode.

    Here's an example on how to put the artifact wanted.

    Hannibal Barca's elephant saddle

    Effect: Gives the user extreme tacticul knowledge to use for thefts, murders, etc.

    Downside: When they reach their ultimate goal, they will lose the ambition to go on and pursue it. This leads to their ultimate downfall.

    Location: Roger William's Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island.

    That is what I'm submitting. So, give me some feedback on some artifacts you wanna see.


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