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    Ideas for Atrifacts

    May 22, 2013 by Awobbie

    These are all original ideas for artifacts that I think would be good for the show.

    • Eva Hitler's Wedding Ring - Belonged to Eva Braun Hitler, Adolph Hitler's Wife. When worn by a married person causes them to attempt suicide and repeatedly do so until they succeed, becuase they assume their spouse is dead. Affects go void when it is gooed or sealed.
    • Mark David Chapman's Gun - Causes weilder to become violent and murderous, Especially twords well-known people, for the reason of fame.
    • Mark David Chapman's Sunglasses - Causes Hypocrisy and Extremeism using the excuse of Theological Beliefs. Only Agnostics (Not Even Atheists) are immune to it.
    • Joan of Arc's Armor - Causes great Battlefield moral, and the ability to raise moral for others, for the …
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