Let's take the concept of 'Don't Blame the Player' episode to a WHOLE new level (no pun intended). Let's come up with video game-based artifacts!

For example:

  • Red monogramed Tie: Gives the wearer the stregnth of a fully-grown ape, but also gives them a quick temper.
  • Master Sword & Hylian Shield: Bifurcated artifact; make the user a skilled swordsman, but quickly saps the users ability to speak. Extened usage will lead to becoming mute.
  • Red Headband: Allows the wearer to fire blue energy blasts.
  • Samus Aran's Armor: changes the user's gender and makes them a total bad-ass
  • Battered Camera: anyone whose picture is taken with the camera is turned in a flesh-craving zombie; has unlimited film

Real Challenge to the readers: Make a artifact relating to the Left 4 Dead series.

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