Next Challenge from Affectos:

Artifacts relating to scientists and other in the field of Psychology and Therapy. When I saw this, I'm kind of looking for artifacts that related to the "Fathers of" such, like the chair from the second episode. I already have an idea down for a Therapy related artifact:

  • Edward Adamson's Colored Pencils: forces the user to draw the strongest memory in their head. Very powerful interrogation tool.

I'm not sure how hard this artfact challenge could be, but take your best shot at it.

Future Challenges:

  • "Father's of" Artifacts
  • Classic Lititature/Fictional Character Artifacts
  • Unsolved Crimes Artifacts
  • Art/Artists Artifacts
  • Children Artifacts
  • U.S. Military Artifacts
  • Terrorism Artifacts
  • Video Game Artifacts

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