Okay, My frineds and I are running a cause and effect game called Warehouse 14. The basis is that One friend is the 'god' character and tells the story, breaking to lets us players to input our actions, quotes, ect., to which he gives use the reaction of our choices.

Since this is a 'what-if' scenerio of Wells NOT saving the others, there are no real contacts to the past characters. It is set in Midtown, West Virginia and the new Warehouse 14 is in an abandoned coal mine. My only hitch is that I'm starved for sciencey artifacts (artifacts dealing with famed and not-so-famed scientists). I've been researching like crazy, but my oasis is running low, so I'm turning to the Wiki.

Scientists I have in mind include:

  • William Henry Perkins: developed the first artifical color dyes
  • Thomas Edison (I was thinking his stencil pen, but I can't think of anything...)
  • Robert Fulton: inventor of the modern submarine and pariscope
  • Michael Faraday: "Father of Electricity" Wasn't sure if there was anything attatched to him or not.
  • Alaxander Grand Bell: ideas I had included his ring kite, phone, and hydrofoil
  • Murray Spengler: patented the original vaccum cleaner

Let me know if you guys can think of any other steampunk-esque artifacts like Mr. Mental & Coco fezes.

BTW, I'm not accepting any request to be in the Warehouse 14 game.

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