Let's get those creative juices flowing again with a round of Movie and TV themed artifacts!

I'll get it started off with:

  • MacGyver's Swiss Army knife: automatically produces the correct tool for the job. Also increases the users ability to think outside of the box.
  • Oddjob's Hat: extremely accurate when thrown and can cut clean through marble
  • Walter Halloran's Crucifix: While not only used in the story that inspired "The Exocrist", but somehow made it's way onto the set. This double dosage of exocrism inused it with the ability to drive the purest form of evil out of a peson's soul, but that sould will then cause mayhem until it finds a new host. This was the reason behind all of the incidents that happened on set of the movie, ending with it taking residence in Mercedes McCambridge's son, making him kill his wife, children, and himself.
  • Katie's Security camera's: Shows demon activities/invisiblity in a room.

Take your best shot!

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