We've seen the Cindrella Knife in action, but I think that it is high time that we see if some of those other tales we heard as bedtime stories really hold an artifact behind all of the re-tellings of the stories.

My examples are:

Aseop's pendant: allows the user to blow extremely hot air or frigid cold air

Belle's Rose: a Shimmering pink rose that when a male lies eye on it, it causes them to become obsessive over any female crush they have while turning them into a beast. The curse can only be broken by a kiss from the crush before the last petal drops

Tiny top hat: gives the user a clear sense of right and wrong. Very addictive.

Spinning needle: The point of it is laced with a super-powerful sedative that will mimic death. Somehow it found it's way into Agitha Christie's hands and was the inspiration for 'By the Pricking of my Thumb'

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