I've had a silly idea in the back of my head for sometime now, and now it's going to see the bright of the blog.

Crossover Time!

The idea I had was for my Warehouse 14 idea (see my first blog for more) where my agents have a run-in with the people from American Pickers. Soon it becomes a pick-fest as the "Artifact Roadshow" collides with Antique Archeology as the agents try to uncover the artifact while avoiding the prying cameras of the show and prevent the American pickers from getting to the artifact first.

I know that I've seen numerous cross-over ideas (santcuary, Stargate Atlantis, etc) on the wiki and on other sites, so here's your chance to unload them all in one spot. Just leave the other cross-over show, the artifact and a Synopis of the episode as well as a Title.

Imanginary award this time goes to the person who can carry the American Pickers/Warehouse 13 crossover further.

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