In 'No Pain, No Gain', Claudia and Mrs. Fredrick saw the birth of an Artifact being born when a mother saved a baby from a bullet during a robbery. What I want to see if people can theorize what this artfact will do when it starts to cause trouble.

By the way...did anyone catch the letters on the braclet? I could have sworn that those charms were letters.


Looking at the ideas that everyone had, I really liked Vaultboy's idea "Perhaps it projects bravery and selflessness onto those around it?" and Silver Fox's "Ooh, perhaps it shields your loved ones from harm but as a cost you suffer from whatever it protected them from, like how the woman took a bullet for the baby." I see both as excelent ideas and I really would like to see both effects for the artifact, but I Have to give my vote to Silver Fox's. That could be a very interesting episode if Cluadia wasn't allowed to say that she was there when it was created.

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