Okay, I need help with coming up with more artifacts now. My newest subject is Agitha Christie and the books that she wrote. My idea is that each of her books are based around an artifact and it's effect. To start it off, I'll give the one I'm thinking of:

Ten Little Indians: A set of 10 porclien indians. When 10 people come within the vincinity of the indians, the one of the 10 people begin attempts to 'finish off' the other nine, rasisng suspicion amoungst the group. The determination of the killer is decided by who has the darkest secret amoungst the 10. The only way to negate the effect is to smash the final indian before all 10 are killed. Each Indian vanishes right before some is either attacked or killed, the final death being suicide. Inspiration for And Then There Were None. Dark Vualt Class; Potential Oyge Vualt class.

I've only read the above book, but I know that the others are just ripe for artifacts, so if you think of anything, let me know.

Imaginary award for the best artifact

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