Tyler Struhl first appears in "Love Sick" as a socially inept computer store employee who is a Peeping Tom. This tendency causes him to be fired from his job, but he possesses hacker skills on a par with Claudia Donovan, and has written a virus with the ability to access clients' computers and to shut down the systems of his former place of employment. Regrettably, he unleashes his virus whilst wearing a family heirloom, Judah Loew ben Belazel's Amulet, the artifact used in the creation of the original Prague golem, and his work, which is inanimate, is animated by the "truth" (the Hebrew characters for Emet) inscribed on the amulet, bringing forth a hybrid of technology and magic capable of rewriting human DNA to a silicon base, thereby simultaneously killing and effectively petrifying the victim. Artie, Dr. Vanessa Calder and Hugo Miller, with a timely assist from Claudia, are able to reverse his handiwork and at the end of the episode Tyler is seen in the back of a police car, making his case for why leniency would be appropriate. The driver, however, is not a police officer, at least not an active one; rather it is Marcus Diamond, whose boss wants to have words with Tyler.

Tyler resurfaces in the final two episodes of the third season, "Emily Lake" and "Stand", now working for Walter Sykes.  Using a swarm of nanites hidden inside Vincent Van Gogh's Stormy Night, which Sally Stukowski helped Artie and Steve snag, Tyler is able to hack into the Warehouse's computer and discover the location of the Regent Vault, where the Janus Coin is being kept with the consciousness of H.G. Wells stored inside. However, despite Tyler's help with stealing the Janus Coin, Sykes callously sacrifices Tyler to get into the Ancient Regent Sanctum in Hong Kong.

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