Not much is known about the Tomahawk Reflex Hammer aside from its effects.


When the hammer is tapped against a joint (such as the hinge of a door or a gate), it causes violent tremors in the attached material, which rapidly leads the material to shake itself to pieces.

Pete, Myka, and H.G. Wells used the hammer in order to break into the abandoned warehouse where Artie was being held captive by Alexander's son, Ivan.

Extra InfoEdit

Artie carries the reflex hammer in his bag as one of the various tools he has available when he leaves the Warehouse.

Real-World ConnectionsEdit

Taylors (Tomahawk-style reflex hammers) are made of a triangular rubber head on a metal frame, and are the most widely-used form of reflex testers in the United States. They're used to gauge the human body's reflex action and detect neurological disorders by striking a tendon; the one just above the kneecap, for example. The artifact would presumably be the prototype.

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