Todd was a techie hired by mobster John Conte to recover a hard drive. While doing so, Todd saw some files he wasn't supposed to, forcing him to be placed into the Witness Protection Program. He was then relocated to Univille, where he worked at a hardware store as a clerk. He eventually met and fell in love with Claudia Donovan. He did not know that Claudia worked for Warehouse 13. However, he broke up with Claudia because his handler said he was too close to her. The Witness Proctection Program later had him moved from Univille to another location as a result of Claudia figuring out he was in the program and because he cared too deeply for her.

Todd is portrayed by Nolan Gerard Funk.

Note: Despite not having any discernible contact on-screen with him since Vendetta, Claudia has continued to refer to Todd as her boyfriend. In the 10th episode of season 3 ("Insatiable"), however, she kisses a guitarist she meets. This may indicate she no longer sees Todd in this way.


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