Time Out is a series of Warehouse 13 interactive comics on It is presented by Toyota Prius C.



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Artifacts FeaturedEdit

  • Matthew Brady's Civil War Shoes: They cause the wearer to need to use the restroom. Claudia gave this for Steve to try on, hoping it would lead them to the disaster.
  • Aluminum Blüthner Piano: Playing the piano causes disasters to occur.
  • Alpine Brandy Rescue Cask: Taking the cork out causes a dog and its master to switch places so that a dog can rescue its master when there's trouble. Putting the cork back returns the dog and master to their rightful places.
  • Gary Coleman's SAG Card: A Screen Actors Guild card once owned by Gary Coleman has the power to fill the holder with overwhelming sadness.
  • Hunter Doherty Adams' Jack-in-the-Box: It senses sadness and feels a pull to soothe it, causing the clown inside to lean towards the source of the sadness (based on Patch Adams).
  • Natinim Wooden Wedding Ring: Keeps the sun from setting, causing a time loop.


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