Thomas Wedgwood is most widely known as an early experimenter in the field of photography. His Champagne Glass became imbued with the power to capture a moment in time, much like a photograph.


Traps objects in time bubble that locks everything into place and will repeat if constantly used. Must be fueled by constant refilling of champagne, most preferably a whole bottle.

When Artie and Scott snagged the glass they each had to carry one Louis XIV's Silverware Forks with them because without them they'd be trapped in the time bubble with all the others when the glass reset time again at midnight. With the forks, Scott and Artie would be popped out of the bubble when the glass reset time again at midnight. However, this meant that Artie could only enter the time bubble once a year for 25 minutes.  


In "Endless", the memory Artie wanted to contribute to the Round Table was the time he snagged this artifact with his son, Scott Moore.

The artifact was activated on Dec. 31, 1941, three weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, at 11:35 PM at a New Year's Eve party. Since the artifact's activation, the party which the artifact was created at reappeared every Dec. 31 at exactly 11:35 PM with all the people who were at that party being forced to relive the event again. 

Artie and Scott discovered the wife of a soldier at the party was using the glass to keep her husband from leaving. The New Year's Eve party where this artifact was activated was also a going away party for soldiers being shipped off to Europe to fight in WWII. A woman at the party feared her husband would be killed in action, but she also knew that nothing she could say would stop him from leaving as her husband's brother was killed at Pearl Harbor. That was when she decided to use the glass to make sure the party never ended.