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Bioelectric Stagecoach
Thomas Edison's Bio-Eletric Stagecoach
Vital statistics
Type Transportation
Effects Provides transport via bioelectricity
Source Thomas Edison
Danger Low
First Appearance "Pilot"

A Bioelectric Stagecoach is used as a slow means of transportation throughout Warehouse 13.

The stagecoach utilizes the bioeletrical energy of its passengers as a power source. Those riding in the forward seat must maintain a steady grip on the metal handle in front of them with both hands in order to keep the stagecoach moving. It takes three people to operate, two to power it and one to drive it. However, it can be used by one person, with the generators being replaced by a standard car battery.

Invented by Thomas Edison, it was shown to Henry Ford. Ford turned it down because oil wore down engine components more quickly, and thus, Ford could make more money when people would buy replacement parts or cars.


Pete and Myka riding the stagecoach


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