Theadora Stanton was a Regent who worked as a waitress at a local restaurant, somewhere in the vicinity of Warehouse 13. When Artie arrived at the restaurant for his meeting with Mrs. Frederic, as he believed, Theadora took his order and then sat down with the rest of the Regents. Artie didn't think she could be a Regent, until Benedict Valda corrected and rebuked him for equating wisdom with status or employment, and pointing out the impossibility of entrusting the Warehouse to those already powerful. As a waitress used to writing quickly, she kept such minutes of the meeting as the Regents required. She seemed to quite enjoy being underestimated, and did not herself (verbally at least) comment on Artie's faux pas, merely inclining her head in regal acceptance of Artie's stammered apology. In this encounter she was in a number of ways the yin to Valda's yang, or the good cop to his bad, originally setting Artie at his ease before Valda's line of questioning began.

In Trials she, Archer and Adwin Kosan listened to what Myka Bering brought before them about her feelings about Helena G. Wells, and how wrong she was about leaving the Warehouse. Because she couldn't see through H. G. Wells, she and the other Regents agreed with Myka's assessment. Theadora was tortured to death by Sally Stukowski using the doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in The 40th Floor.