What exactly were you expecting, Agent Nielsen? Hooded, cloaked figures standing in half light around a perpetually burning flame?

The Regents is a group of people tasked for oversight of the Warehouse.


The idea of having a group of people running the Warehouse was first started by Warehouse 2. The Regents serve as the protectors of the Warehouse and they create the artifact protection procedures that are used. Over time as more and more artifacts became stored in the Warehouse the Regents not only became the Warehouse's govenors, but also the keepers of its secrets.

The symbol of the regents is the Eye of Horus. In Egyptian mythology the Eye of Horus represents protection, royal power and good health.

The Regents have a higher position in the Warehouse than Mrs. Frederic. Every Regent had unique perspective, for example Jane Lattimer has insight into children.

The Regents never meet in the same place twice and when they meet they do it quickly and quietly. Having multiple Regents in one place at one time could prove disastrous if anything unfortunate should happen.

The Regents have a security detail headed by Mr. Jackson, who was killed during Sally Stukowski's attempted assassination orchestrated by Walter Sykes. Mr. Jackson voluntarily sacrificed himself in order to give Agent Bering time to escape from a collapsing staircase. His final instructions to Myka were to save the Regents at all costs. Each member of the security detail is armed with a .45 caliber automatic pistol and has an image of the Eye of Horus tattooed on their wrist.

Napoleon tried destroying the Regents in 1812, so he could take over Warehouse 11. Also, Paracelsus traveled back in time to June 10th 1541 and attempted to kill the Regents of Warehouse 9, but was stopped and bronzed by Warehouse 13 agents Pete and Myka before any Regents were killed. 

The RegentsEdit


Benedict Valda

Played by Mark Sheppard

Michael M'Ouse

Played by Glynn Donaghy

Jane Lattimer

Played by Kate Mulgrew

Adwin Kosan

Played by Faran Tahir

Phillip Petrov

Played by Alex Karzis

Theadora Stanton

Played by Paula Boudreau

Regent Archer

Played by Lok Archer

Regent Gans

Played by Ben Gans

Regent 6

Played by Scott Gorman


Played by Adam Cawley

Other unnamed Regents

Played by...
Greg Dunham
Aimee Lococo
Patricia McPherson II
Amanda Smith II


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