Tamara Resnick was a student at Kingford Academy, involved in the artifact snag of Edgar Allan Poe's Quill Pen and Notebook.


Tamara was a student of Kingford Academy in Portland, Oregon. She was the romantic interest of Bobby Buseki, a classmate, who was himself a victim of bullying by a third classmate, Greg Permut. When Greg attempted to warn Tamara away from Bobby, she defended Bobby, saying he wasn't that bad. Eventually, Tamara found Bobby outside while studying, and, not knowing that Bobby was artifact-possessed, was forced to read a piece of paper that said "Mine", written by Poe's Quill Pen. Once the word was read, the power of the pen put her in an entranced state under the control of Bobby. When Pete and Claudia, working in conjunction with Myka, manage to snag Poe's pen and eventually neutralize it, she was released from the power of the artifact.


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