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Sticky String
Sticky String1
Vital statistics
Type Sticky String
Effects Entangling
Source Unknown
Danger Medium
Activation Releasing it from the can.
First Appearance Breakdown


As with most sticky string, this is in a spray canister, but unlike most sticky string this appears to be extremely sticky and elastic. It apparently smells like chicken and appears to have a mind of its own, as it actively tried to entangle others. The container stated "Hours of fun for the whole family", though Claudia stated it's not even minutes when she and Myka got stuck in it.

Responsible for stopping the gears at the Neutralizing Processing Center in Breakdown. The warning label reads 'Do not spray indoors'. 

Artie and Steve used the sticky string in Cangku Shisi in attempt to stop the Mason Compass, part of Hiram Abiff's Tools, from transmuting the Warehouse into energy. However, while the string did slow down the Compass, eventually the Compass broke broke free from the strings ensnarement. 

Box of Sticky String

The aforementioned box

Stuck Gears

The stuck gears from the Gooery

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