Zeus, something has freaked the hell out of you.

Zeus Statue

When the Statue of Hera was first moved from Warehouse 2 to Warehouse 13, the Statue of Zeus created a huge thunderstorm in the Warehouse.


When the two statues are near each other, even if they're in the Warehouse at the same time, both will begin discharging bolts of lightning and create storm clouds within the Warehouse to represent the hatred Zeus and Hera have for each other in Greek mythology. Neutralizer will have no effect as when both statues are activated they become so hot that the neutralizer will simply burn off. The only way to deactivate both statues is to get them both far away from each other, at least several miles apart.


The statues of Zeus and Hera were formerly separated, on opposite sides of the Battle of Corpendium in 306 BC. Hera was Zeus' wife, but she hated him for continuously cheating on her with other Gods and mortals. Hera made Zeus' life miserable and as such he hated her as well. The Statue of Zeus had remain inactive in Warehouse 13 for a long time, but when the Statue of Hera was moved from Warehouse 2 to Warehouse 13 both became active and began discharging bolts of lightning. As neither statue could be neutralized, Artie moved the Statue of Zeus to the Univille Conservatory and Claudia installed a special alarm that would alert them if anybody tried to move the statue.

Hera Campana Louvre Ma2283

Hera Campana in the Louvre

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon

Bronze statue of Zeus or Posideon

The statue of Zeus seems to be modeled after the famous bronze statue of Zeus albeit made of a different material and clothed. The statue of Hera is modeled after or is a copy the Hera Campana found in the Louvre. No changes seemed to be made. Also, in what appears to be a small continuity error, the statue of Zeus can be seen behind Myka in the archives as they search the warehouse in the beginning of the episode "Emily Lake"

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