Officer Stanes is a member of regent security along with Officer Miller under Mr. Jackson.  He was first seen guarding a regent meeting consisting of Adwin Kosan, Jane Lattimer, and Phillip Petrov.


When Arthur Nielson, Claudia Donovan, Pete Lattimer, and Myka Bering try to get to the 40th Floor, he and Officer Miller stop them; Claudia proceeds to throw a Tesla Grenade at the two, and Pete locks them in a closet. As Pete moved Miller to the closet, Artie examined his unconscious body and found an Eye of Horus tattoo on his wrist.

It is revealed that they broke out of the closet when the Berlin Wall Spray Paint started to work and were ordered by Mr. Jackson to leave. They are last seen helping Kosan out of the lift when he and Artie escape.


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