Said to be imbued with the Spartans' strength and defiance, but was destroyed in a museum explosion in 2005. At least one shard of shrapnel survived and retained its abilities.

The wearer gains the superhuman strength and determination of the Spartan army, manifested as armor covering the body. However, anyone who comes into skin contact with the wearer develops a rust-like infection that slowly corrodes the body.

The rust infection only affects those the user is angry at; Cody infected people who he was boxing with and were part of the plant closure. Cody was able to save his father and did not infect him which Artie explained was because of the boy's love for his father negating the artifact's downside.

The shard could not be retrieved, as it was lodged near the heart of a survivor of the museum explosion. However, the piece was neutralized by Myka by introducing neutralizer goo into the survivor's bloodstream.

Spartan Armor

The aforementioned shard

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