Saving baby

The woman about to create the artifact

The Silver Bracelet is a "newborn" artifact that was created in No Pain, No Gain.


Mrs. Frederic invited Claudia to a meal to speak to her about her destiny as the Warehouse's next caretaker. She instructed Claudia to follow her instincts, which led them to a nearby shop where Claudia was drawn to a woman in the shop. A robber entered the store, but Mrs Frederic stopped Claudia from interfering; explaining that they were there to watch.

The robber was surprised by the store clerk screaming at him and fired his gun which was aimed at a baby. The woman Claudia noticed threw herself in

The artifact

front of the child, saving it and being injured in the process. Claudia then went in to help the woman and noticed the bracelet the woman was wearing was glowing before it returned to normal. Leaving the shop Claudia was surprised that she had just witnessed the birth of an artifact as she thought they were only involved with famous people.

Mrs. Frederic explained artifacts are born during a "perfect" meeting between an individual, an extraordinary event, and an object regardless of who the person is. Claudia wondered if they should bag the newborn artifact, but Mrs. Frederic said it was not necessary at the time, since the artifact was harmless and they would only acquire it if it started causing trouble.

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