The scarab comes alive and constantly burrows in and out of the ground much to the annoyance of Claudia and Artie. It was captured by Trailer and is currently locked inside its box, as seen inside the Ovoid Quarantine. It was originally retrieved from Warehouse 2. It is also called the 'Whispering Scarab' by CCH Pounder in multiple podcasts.


scarab active


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Imhotep was vizier to the pharaoh of Egypt in 2600 BCE and was high priest to the sun god Ra. He's considered to be one of the first architects, engineers, and physicians and his name is translated as "He who came in peace". Imhotep was one of few commoners that was accorded with divine status (specifically as a god of medicine) after death, which was reserved for pharaohs. He was considered by Egyptians to be an inventive and creative intellectual. Imhotep also brought medicine to Egypt, and wrote journals that didn't rely on magical thinking. His death is a mystery and nobody has found his tomb.


Egyptian Heart Scarab

The ancient Egyptians worshiped scarab beetles as "Khepera", which means (among other possible translations) "it came into being" for how they emerge from the burrows where they're born. The scarab god Khepera was believed to push the sun across the sky, just like real beetles push balls of dung across the desert. Scarab amulets were often placed over the hearts of mummies. These "heart scarabs" were meant to be weighed against the feather of truth during final judgement. These amulets often had spells from the Book of the Dead inscribed on them, as the god Khepri (an alternate form) was, like the dung beetle, life emergent from death; in other words, resurrection.