Secret santa

"Kallie deserves a father who is there... and now she is going to get one"- Santa Larry before trying to drain his counterpart.

Santa Larry is an artifact-created duplicate of business man Larry Newley that appeared in Secret Santa.


Santa Larry is very devoted to Kallie Newley and she is the only person who can get him to stop an action. His devotion to her leads to him performing questionable and overzealous acts to get her father to change his ways. At first he simply impersonates him to arrange family activities with father and daughter only for Larry to continue to ignore his daughter, thus earning his doppleganger's ire.

Having been created as the ideal father for Kallie by the Christmas truce Ornament he is the opposite of Larry Newley in many ways. While Larry is focused on business and is quite uptight; Santa Larry is devoted to family and care free to an almost insane level. He attempts to stress the importance of family to Larry; telling him at one point that spending time with Kallie in simple but meaningful acts like trimming the tree isn't hard to do.


As an artifact creation Santa Larry possesses several unique abilities that include the ability to travel as a ball of light, animate inanimate objects and drain his counterpart's life energy.



Santa Larry owes Kallie his existence as she made the wish on the Christmas truce Ornament that brought him into being. He is devoted to her happiness and her desire to get her family back together and performs several acts to try and reunite the child with her workaholic father.


He has similar sentiments towards Lyla as he does Kallie and tells Larry she deserves better than the man he has become.

Larry NewleyEdit

Initially patient with his counterpart Santa Larry quickly comes to despise his counterpart for his focus on work over family. He eventually decides to replace Larry for failing to make the most of his family. When Larry does come to realise what Kallie was trying to tell him he leaves satisfied now that Kallie's wish has been granted.


Santa Larry came into existence when Kallie Newley unknowingly came into the possession of the powerful Christmas Truce Submarine Ornament artifact. While decorating the house the child made a wish that her family could be like how she remembered it before her father became a workaholic. This wish awoke the dormant artifact which created Santa Larry as the ideal father figure for Kallie.

Santa Larry went around arranging things for Kallie to spend time with her father but he would always cancel and continue to ignore Kallie which made the child more upset. With Christmas fast approaching Santa Larry's tactics quickly turned menacing as he attempted to scare Larry into changing his ways and then attempted to drain his life energy in order to replace him.

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