This stone table inspired the legends of King Arthur's Court. Whenever a Warehouse agent places their hand on the table, the table copies and stores that agent's memory of their personal defining moment with
  • Myka using table
  • Memories being projected by table
the Warehouse. The memories the table stores can then be viewed later, even centuries in the future, by other agents, which is why it is used as the Warehouse time capsule. 


Whenever the Warehouse moves to a new country, the host country supplies the new generation of Warehouse agents, which means the old agents no longer work for the Warehouse. Before the Warehouse moves, the agents of the current Warehouse are given one last mission: contribute their memories to the table. 

The ritual is considered not only the agents gift to the Warehouse, but the Warehouse's gift to the agents. For instance, after Steve contributed his memory to the table he realized that when he first arrived at the Warehouse he thought he'd never be able to find peace among all the chaos of the Warehouse, but the table helped him to remember that the Warehouse had already given him the peace he was searching for. 

In "Endless," Mrs. Frederic alerts Artie and the others that Warehouse 13 has reached its end and will be moving to a new country with new agents. However, after contributing to the table, they eventually learn that while the Warehouse is moving, the actual move will not take place within their lifetimes. 


  • H.G. Wells: snagging Jack the Ripper's Lantern, one of the first artifacts she snagged as a Warehouse agent.
  • Claudia: recharging the 42nd Street Film Marquee by tap dancing so it could be neutralized. This was also the day Claudia had second thoughts about becoming the Caretaker of the Warehouse as she realized how much she loved being an agent.
  • Artie: snagging Thomas Wedgwood's Champagne Glass with his son, Scott Moore.
  • Myka: snagging a Five-Tailed Fox Ceramic Statue with Pete. That was the day Myka realized that at Warehouse 13, she could use all of her deductive skills and kick a lot of butt as well. Additionally, this memory showed her that she was in love with Pete.
  • Steve: going inside Artie's heart with Claudia by use of H.G. Wells' Shrink Ray. When Steve was inside Artie's heart, he said it felt like he was at peace. Mrs. Frederic suggested it was like Nirvana, and Steve said that he did not find peace; the Warehouse gave it to him.
  • Mrs. Frederic: the day Leena came to the Warehouse. When Leena first saw the Warehouse she had a premonition that she'd die inside the Warehouse some day. Mrs. Frederic promised Leena that she wouldn't let that happen, but Leena assured her that it was okay; it couldn't be stopped. Mrs. Frederic is also known to have contributed at least two other memories which were not shown in the episode. After one of them, Steve said, "You were there for that?" sounding impressed, and the other is known to be about Mr. Frederic.
  • Pete: every moment Pete spent at the Warehouse was his defining moment.



  • It appears that the Caretaker is the only one who can have more than one defining moment stored; it is implied that agents can only have one defining moment.
  • The Caretaker appears to be able to call up any past moment with the Table and is the only one who can.
  • Whether or not agents can place their defining moments onto the Table before knowing that the Warehouse will eventually move is not known.
  • As revealed in the episode commentary, the Table is kept in the Memini Chamber. Memini is Latin for "I remember", "recollect", "mention", or "think".

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